Friday, January 6, 2012

Possibly the Greatest Flickr Group Ever

Allow me to present customized bomber jackets of World War Two:

"I'll Be Seeing You""Pistol Packin' Mama""Fancy Nancy IV""Fitch's Bandwagon""Wildfire""Sitting Pretty"

"Grin 'n Bare It"bomber jacket"Snicklefritz""What's Cookin' ""Mary Alice""Der Grossarschvogel"
"Belle o' the Brawl""Lovely Lisa""Ice Cold Katy""Duffy's Tavern""My Achin' Back""Satan's Chille'n"
"Missouri""I'll Be Seeing You""Patent Pending""Tantalizing Takeoff""Home James""Star Eyes"
Bomber Jackets, a set by D. Sheley on Flickr.

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