Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The History of Hawaii as a Series of Plate Lunches

I am all for quirky ways of using technology to teach history, and this is absolutely charming. The video is "Unfamiliar Fishes" by "social observer" Sarah Vowell. Vowell is also the author of Assassination Vacation, a book about visiting the sites of presidential assassinations, and is an all around internet-enhanced author/personality. Enjoy. And keep an eye out for my upcoming YouTube viral video, "The History of Spokane as a Series of Chili Cheese Dogs."


Lee Nilsson said...

She came to town a couple months ago. A great speaker. Assassination Vacation is the best. You must get the audiobook for the full Vowell experience.

Adaryn said...

"...to remedy what has always been the hamburger's most obvious defect - not enough egg." Brilliant! Funny meets thoroughly researched and relevant.

There is no doubt we academics often forget the value of humor. Her work is fantastic. Thank you so much for posting, Dr. Sebula - I really enjoy reading your blog.

- DeEstle Arthur