Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For New Readers: Northwest History's Greatest Hits

Adolph Wolgast (LOC)
 Ever have a blog post go viral? Me neither--until this week, when Open Letter to My Students: No, You Cannot be a Professor received 11,000 visits in 48 hours. Modest traffic by internet standards, but a major event here at Northwest History, where I usually get 50-200 visits per day. The post generated a lot of discussion and I will post some follow-up thoughts soon. For new readers in the meantime, here are some recent posts that might be of interest:

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Kyle said...

Congratulations, Larry, on going viral. (Boy, would that be an interesting statement any other time and place!) I look forward to reading the continued flow of good content on your site, including sharing your experience in public history in all its forms.

It was good to meet you at the FREAC last month, and to see your digital archives--I hope you can join us for future meetings.