Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Atlantic Opens its Archives

...well, the last twelve years of its archives anyway. I have subscribed to the Atlantic forever and often use articles from the magazine in my history classroom. A few treats relevant to the interests of this blog: Saving Salmon, or Seattle? by James Fallows; Flouting the Convention (about whaling with a look at the Makah) by William Aron, William Burke, and Milton Freeman; an interview with Sherman Alexie; The Diffusionists Have Landed (concerning theories of precolumbian migration) by Marc K. Stengel; The Profits of Doom (the mining legacy of Butte) by William Langewiesche; the controversial On the Rez by Ian Frazier, and 1491 by Charles Mann. The last two were later expanded into books.

This follows the New York Times opening its entire archive (Back to 1852!) last year. As click ads become a realistic and significant revenue stream watch for more password protected sites to drop the subscription model in favor of open access.

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