Tuesday, January 15, 2008

AHA Blog: Digital History at the Annual Meeting

The American Historical Association Blog features an interesting post today: Digital History at the Annual Meeting. The post by Elisabeth Grant focuses on and summarizes three digital history sessions from the conference, complete with links. I attended two of the three sessions and my only quibble with the summary is when Grant describes Session 31: Tech Tools for Historians as a "poster session-like gathering." It was, but only because some technical problem prevented the panelists from presenting as planned. I think that the digital projector never showed up. In any case they were inspiring sessions and Grant provides an excellent write up.


Mary said...

Those sessions sound quite interesting. I've made some notes in case our session gets accepted at the Northwest History Conference. It sounds like our session might be right on track. Hope you had fun!

Larry Cebula said...

The sessions were great no just for themselves but for the fact that there were multiple sessions of digital history at the AHA! For too long historians have looked askance at new technologies, seeming to think that the digital world consists of email and Wikipedia.

As technology gets cheaper and easier to use and as more and more of our students are "digital natives" (I normally hate these made-up buzzword categories, but this one seems apt) the possibilities of what we can do are expanding exponentially, as are our audiences.