Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas in the Northwest

Is this so bad it is good?


 No, it is merely terrible. You probably do not need to be told that it was created in the 1980s. The song is "Christmas In The Northwest," written by Brenda Kutz-White in 1985. This was actually part of an album with the same title, which was so successful that it produced two sequels--the first of which had this memorable cover:

I found about Christmas in the Northwest at the estimable blog History's Dumpster, which has lots more fun information about what is apparently regional holiday standard to some people, including other songs from the record.

Happy Holidays to all!


Jeff D said...

I've always liked this song. Exactly what do you think is so terrible about it?

James Stripes said...

I bought two Christmas in the Northwest CDs in the early '00s. The title song was no worse than the vast majority of most popular Xmas tunes (as terrible as most church music), but many of the other songs on the album were better.

Mossy Climber said...

I remember Cliff Lens from morning show #SeattleToday promoting these songs