Sunday, April 20, 2014

British Pathé has been making newsreels since the First world War--and just put 85,000 historic films online for free in a special Youtube channel. There are plenty of news outlets and bloggers digging through the content and finding neat things. Is there anything from the Northwest?

A quick search reveals more regional content than one might expect in this British news source. Some of the highlights include:

There is so much more! Search within the Pathe collection for terms unique to the northwest--I searched "Spokane," "Seattle," "Oregon," and "Columbia River. Tell us what you find in the comments below, or on the Northwest History Facebook page.


Clayton Hanson said...

Using "Vancouver," "Columbia," and "Cascades."
Vancouver. Skin Divers Get Harvest
Columbia River Treaty (1961)
Laughing Waters

Bill Youngs said...

Great resource, Larry. Thanks for posting and for suggesting some films -- the sheep crossing the Grand Coulee Dam film is a hoot!