Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, the Sincerest Form of Flattery

So I was trying to Google up some regional historical information and I found a great post at a blog I had not seen before--PhD in History. The post was excellent--bright writing, nice illustrations, and some good links. Though I had never visited the blog before, the writing seemed oddly familiar. Then it hit me-that is my writing! Those are my posts!

Image borrowed from here.
Some examples: Here is a post I wrote about the Grand Coulee dam. Here it is copied and pasted--images and all--to the offending blog. Here is another post from Northwest History, copied here. There are quite a few other of my posts copied at PhD in History. I am guessing that the posts not copied from my blog are stolen from other bloggers.

What is this? Some kind of aggregation bot? I don't see the point since there is not any advertising on the plagiarizing site. There is no author information at the other blog, or comments, or dates on the posts. Odd.

I am not sure if I even care about this very much. It is not like I am monetizing Northwest History content either, so maybe this is a case of no harm no foul? Just for the heck of it I filed a complaint with Google, and got back an auto reply that "we receive many such complaints each day; your message is in our queue." Also that they appreciate my patience!

Dear readers, have any of you seen this before, or have an idea what is going on?


Clayton Hanson said...
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Clayton Hanson said...

I posted this on Facebook but some of this aggregation is simply confusing:
Plagiarism: The “Orange is Controversial” Controversy

Notice the lack of ads on Dream Stream in the above example.


Unknown said...

The first post that you link to has been removed so maybe Google is paying attention. I do think it is important, if he/she likes other folk's work he is free to link to it. Stolen and no attribution, I sure hope he/she doesn't really have a PhD