Sunday, December 16, 2012

Where Would You Film a Spokane Tilt-Shift Video?

You know those tilt-shift, time-lapse videos your friends are always sharing on Facebook? Neat, aren't they? I particularly like this one, filmed in Chicago:

What I love about it, beyond the technique, is how many iconic Chicago landmarks make an appearance. We see Navy Pier, Lakeshore Drive, the L, amd lots of Chicago architecture.

If you were going to make a film like this in Spokane, where would you film it? What places have both iconic imagery that says Spokane, but also some sort of interesting activity and movement that lends itself to this sort of film technique? Off the top of my head, a tilt-shift, time-lapse video of Spokane could include:

  • people walking on the footbridge over the upper falls
  • the gondolas over the lower falls
  • the parking lot at SFCC filling up and emptying out
  • kids sledding at Manito Park
  • cars skidding on the snow on the South Hill
  • trains passing through town, and over Latah Creek
  • kayakers at People's Park
  • folks crossing the bridge at Bowl and Pitcher
  • downtown pedestrian and automobile traffic
  • the rides at Riverfront Park
  • sunset over Spokane from Palisades Park
  • cars going around the curves on the Mount Spokane Road
  • cars passing through an espresso stand
What else? And who is to make this film? It sounds like a good class project for some film class at one of the colleges. Get busy, someone!

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