Sunday, February 5, 2012

Please fight for Spokane History

Spokane's historic preservation community is making progress in the fight to save the Jensen-Byrd building. Monday night the Spokane City Council will vote on a resolution asking WSU to reconsider their plan to demolish this Spokane landmark. We need your help!
  1. Please attend the City Council meeting and speak in support of the Jensen-Byrd. The meeting is at 6 p.m. Monday, February 6 at the Council Chambers at 808 W. Spokane Falls Boulevard. Preservation opponents will be there in full force so we need to make our voices heard.
  2. If you cannot attend, please take a moment to email WSU President Elson Floyd and (politely) express your displeasure about his decision to raze a Spokane landmark. Instructions here, and do not forget to CC the Spokane Preservation Advocates.
  3. Use other modes of communication to spread the word and to let WSU know how unhappy you are with this decision. Post a polite note on the WSU Facebook pages--the WSU Spokane page, and the main WSU page.
What should you say? The SPA has a good set of talking points at their website. The additional point I would make is that saving the Jensen-Byrd is also in the best interest of Washington State University. A re-purposed Jensen-Byrd building would provide life and character for the currently very sterile and uninteresting Riverpoint campus. And it would avoid the huge hit that WSU will take to its reputation if the building is razed.

Last week I took around the Jensen-Byrd--it is much more impressive in person than photographs can convey, but I took some pictures anyway:

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