Sunday, December 18, 2011

Don't Mind the Mess

I am playing around with the template, so this site may go through quite a few different looks before I settle on something. Wish I had saved the old one before I started!

Meanwhile, courtesy of my employer the Washington State Archives, Digital Archives, here is a mysterious 1888 death certificate from the frontier town of Spokane Falls, Washington Territory. Because I know you like that sort of thing:

I cannot find out anything more about this case online--there are no digitized newspapers for this period online. If you know anything, post it below!

Update: You guys are fast. A tip from the excellent Charles Hansen showed me that there are digitized newspapers from this period and I found an article about this case. Hansen writes the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society Blog, which often has valuable research tips for local and regional history.


Charles Hansen said...

Have you tried this link for Google Newspapers?

If not there the northwest room downtown has newspapers back to 1880, and even a subject index doen by the WPA from 1880-1920.

Larry Cebula said...

Thanks Charles! For some reason I sure that the Google digitization project for Spokane began with 1890, I am so pleased to discover it goes back further than that.

Clayton Hanson said...

There's a way of fixing the background in Blogger (which I've currently forgotten how to do). Having the Shuksan picture be tiled is not so great on higher resolution monitors.

tom said...

The Cause of Death on a Death Certificate I Have Seen That I Most Want to Know The Story Behind: "Acute alcoholism and drowning. No boat involved."