Sunday, January 2, 2011

Have you contacted your legislators about the MAC?

If you visit this blog you know that Washington governor Christine Gregoire has proposed closing the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture to help close the budget deficit. And you have seen the list of legislators and their contact information. Have you contacted your representatives and asked them to save the MAC?
Sculpture on the MAC grounds.

A few emails could really make the difference here. I wrote to everyone on the list and about half responded--and not with some mass email but with personalized responses. And most were positive, promising to fight for the MAC. Democracy works, if you make the effort.

Some c'mon, be a keyboard warrior for history and culture. Don't worry about crafting the perfect letter, just send something. This is a time where volume is more important than quantity. A few sentences are fine. Some points you could make:
  • The MAC has already laid off 40% of its staff, it has done its part.
  • The MAC attracts over 100,000 visitors annually including nearly 4,000 K‐12 students.
  • The MAC is an important contributor to the region’s economy.
  • The MAC is the only independent state agency east of the Cascades and eastern Washington's premiere cultural institution.
Here is the contact information for member of the Washington State Legislature. Click on an email address and send something off:

Lisa Brown, Ph.D.
3rd District Senator (D)

Kevin Parker
6th District Representative (R)
Timm Ormsby
3rd District Representative (D)

Bob Morton
7th District Senator (R)
Andy Billig
3rd District Representative (D)

Joel Kretz
7th District Representative (R)
Bob McCaslin
4th District Senator (R)

Shelly Short
7th District Representative (R)
Larry Crouse
4th District Representative (R)

Mark Schoesler
9th District Senator (R)
Matt Shea
4th District Representative (R)

Susan Fagan
9th District Representative (R)
360) 786-7942
Michael Baumgartner
6th District Senator (R)

Joe Schmick
9th District Representative (R)
John Ahern
6th District Representative (R)

Christine Gregoire
Washington State Governor
PO Box 40002
Olympia, WA  98504-0002

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