Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Briefly Noted

Some things that I wish I had more time to explore:
  • Memento is an experimental "time machine right in your web browser . . . [to] . . . explore content from a date in the past" according to the Library of Congress.
  • Google Earth 6 is turning heads (see above)with its scary-good integration of street view into the virtual world. But not all the street views available in Google Maps show up in Earth yet.
  • Building on Google Earth 6, HistoryPin allows you to "pin your history to the world" by inserting historic photographs into the street view. I am so going to do this with a class.
  • Did you see where the FCC came out today with a very strong statement of support for net neutrality? Change I can believe in.
  • ...and I have been meaning to tell you all that my employer, the Washington State Archives, Digital Archives, is tweeting. I mostly write the tweets, and so far they have focused on exploring the 92 million digital objects in our collection. I may be a while. Follow us here.

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Anonymous said...

FCC's neutrality statement is a bit of a whitewash, according to this.