Thursday, July 22, 2010

Daisy Ad

I try to steer away from politics on this blog but I wanted to share this ad from a Michigan politician. He's a fear monger, but a fear monger who knows his political history. I wonder how many viewers get the historical reference?

Original "Daisy" ad after the jump:


TeacherThink said...


That was a great comparative of the two ads! This will be a great thing to show my American Citizenship students!

Thanks so much for always posting quality stuff. I also appreciate that you try not to dabble too much in this case it was ok. Really, I love politics, and I might address them a bit in my site, but I like that I can count on you staying historical.

Jeff @ TeacherThink

Kendra said...

Wow. I do wonder whether current viewers will make the connection. Thanks for posting!

Travis Nichols said...

Thank you for spelling this out for those of us who are to young to know!

Larry Cebula said...

Thanks, friends, for the positive comments. For the teachers among you I found the original Daisy ad at the website The Living Room Candidate which has an extensive archive of presidential TV commercials dating back to the first ones in the 1950s. It is a great teaching resource.