Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How Screwed Are We?

On a non-historical note, but of interest to anyone who works (as I do) for the State of Washington: Governor Christine Gregoire today issued The 2009-11 Budget Story [PDF]. The short version: We in Washington State have lost $9 billion in expected revenue in a state budget of $31 billion. Even after wrenching cuts this year, we face a shortfall of another $1.7 billion, which has to come out of the $9.3 billion portion of the budget that is not "protected" by federal requirements or contracts or such. Sample graphic:

Pretty screwed.

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LCBrisson said...

I'm sorry! Michigan has been facing similar cuts for too long and I don't wish it upon anyone else. Hang in there! There have been victories among our losses and hopefully Washington will rebound quickly and your pain will be short-lived.