Tuesday, September 22, 2009

...for example...

As a sort of addendum to my post about the OAH below, take a look at this conference website: Archives & Museum Informatics: Museums and the Web 2010: Call for Participation. They have unconference sessions and a variety of other session formats, active discussion boards to promote pre-conference dialogue, even a room mate finder. Nicely done!

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Anonymous said...

Two things I liked right away based on a quick peek only:

1. It is termed a "Call for Participation", not a "call for papers" or worse, "call for abstracts". Isn't the world abstract enough with encouraging it?

2. And yet, written papers are required for most modes of participation. Written papers, but not necessarily written papers that get read aloud as if in kindergarten! Have the written paper there as backup is good, and it forces people in their garret to take the task seriously enough to think it through in writing; but then, the bait and switch -- write the paper BUT don't read it. Masterful. Replace with engaging ways to present material and create energy. That's a good direction.