Monday, April 6, 2009

National Council on Public History Conference

I am just back from the annual conference of the National Council on Public History. It was in Providence this year and though it was chill and rainy (see picture) it was a great and inspiring conference. There were many sessions on digital history projects and I will feature many of them on this blog over the next few weeks.

If you have not been to an NCPH meeting, they are really good (don't believe me--look at what some guy said over here). Here is the 2010 Call For Proposals for the meeting in Portland, Oregon:

In 2010 the American Society for Environmental History and the National Council on Public History will meet together at the Hilton Hotel in Portland, Oregon. Portland was recently named the nation's most sustainable city by The SustainLane US City Rankings and our conference will be held in the heart of downtown, with cafes, restaurants, several historic districts, and a river trail within easy walking distance. While many conference events will be shared, the two organizations will offer separate but coordinated programs. Both organizations invite panel, roundtable, workshop, working group, paper, and poster proposals for the conference.

Proposals are due by June 30, 2009.


Kratz said...

Shameless plug alert!


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Kelly in Kansas said...

What a guy!

Larry Cebula said...

Muchisima gracias, Clionautica.

I traveled extensively in Mexico in my wandering years and quite fell in love with the country. I love the historic mountain towns, the jungled south, the the enchanting northern desert. I gave some lectures at the Universidad Veracruzana about ten years ago but have not been back since.

I used to teach Latin American history in my old job at Missouri Southern State University. Your blog would have been quite a resource.