Monday, March 2, 2009

A Smart Review of a Book on the Civilian Conservation Corps at New West Network

Here is a book review worth noting: With Picks, Shovels, and Hope by Dr. Wayne Hinton with Elizabeth A. Green. The review quotes from the authors' introduction:

"Virtually every visitor to national parks and monuments, national forests, and other public lands on the Colorado Plateau benefits from a program instituted in 1933 to put young men to work. They became stewards of the land and builders of the facilities we enjoy to this day. Many of the roads we travel, the paths we walk, the visitor centers we explore, the campgrounds we stay in, and so much more, are the results of the most successful New Deal work program, the Civilian Conservation Corps."

History largely missed out on the economic recovery package passed last month. But with talk of a second recovery package in the air the history community needs to advocate for our share next time around.

[Photograph of Vista House on Mount Spokane from the Washington State Digital Archives. Vista House was completed by the CCC in 1933 and is one of many federal projects from the Depression Era still enjoyed today.]


Anonymous said...

Historic preservation loses out in times of economic stress, so those of us who work at it must advocate all the more assertively for funding and public support.

Larry Cebula said...

Amen, brother.