Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Splendid sleighing snow now in this vicinity."

SNOW STORM: Snow began to fall in this vicinity Monday evening last, and continued until Wednesday evening covering the ground to the depth of fourteen inches. The thermometer ranged but a short distance above zero, and the wind blew most of the town. Wagoning was practically abandoned though some teams were out. Stages were detained. Up to the time of going to press no mails have arrived since Tuesday. Several unsuccessful efforts were made by the stage to leave Colfax. One evening the stage was abandoned a short distance from Colfax, and in the following morning it was nearly covered by a snow drift. The letter mail left Colfax yesterday morning by horseback; this morning, in a four-horse sleigh. Paper mail will be delayed until the weather improves. Splendid sleighing snow now in this vicinity. No wind, and but few drifts. Although down for some time between this city and Colfax, the telegraph wire is now working between Colfax and Couer D'Alene.

-Spokan Times » December 4, 1880 » Page 3 » Column 4


Kratz said...

Good to see that, even though I can't get out of my parking lot, I can still send a telegraph.

Kratz said...

Just noticed that the article was printed exactly one hundred years to the day before my birth.

Captcha word: urinall. :)

Larry Cebula said...

I snagged this article off the Washington State Newspapers site, one of my favorites: