Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NY Times Interactive Feature on North Cascades

Going Down the Road - Places Captured in Time, but Not Frozen There: "They were still wearing Stetsons and spurs, not the tight cycling shorts you see these days, when a writer dispatched by the federal government during the Great Depression reached the end of the road here in the North Cascades." Here is an interesting piece in the New York Times that juxtaposes some towns along the North Cascades Highway (mostly Twisp and Concrete) with descriptions of the same places from the Washington State Guide produced by the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression. There is also a neat interactive feature with short videos keyed to a map of the North Cascades highway. This is the first a series of articles that will take the same approach.

This convergence of print newspapers, history, and the web answers several questions at once. How do newspapers make themselves relevant and interesting to a generation that gets its news from the internet? What do we do with the backlog of historical materials that are finding their way online at places like the Library of Congress? Yesterday's post about a Spokesman Review feature on the Spokane River is another example of newspapers making the most of the web.

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