Sunday, May 4, 2008

Longest Drives in Google Maps

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Alan Taylor: I set out to find the longest distance for which Google Maps would give Driving Directions. Now that they've shut down the fun "swim the Atlantic" feature, things have changed a bit. It turns out there are multiple "longest drives", because the Google Maps World is partitioned (many countries don't support driving directions), and sometimes ferries are included, and sometimes they are not.

I am not sure what this does for us, it is just kind of neat.


James Stripes said...

Will anyone now drive that route?

On another matter: these things remind me of chain letters, but the only money requested is the
internet capital of a little reading time, and a link. You've been tagged by Patriots
and Peoples

Larry Cebula said...

James: Yes, the link is just playing around and not actually useful. My Google-philia may have gotten the better of me in posing it.

As to the tag, I am honored but am going to decline. I decided when I started this blog to try and keep it light yet professional and focused on its historical topics. I visited a lot of ostensible history blogs before I began this one, and saw how many of them go astray from their original purpose. Eventually most bloggers turn their focus to either 1) themselves, 2) politics, or 3) pictures of their cats. I am hoping to avoid this fate as long as possible!