Thursday, April 3, 2008

Seriously Ancient Sh*t

Evidence Supports Earlier Date for People in North America - New York Times: "Exploring Paisley Caves in the Cascade Range of Oregon, archaeologists have found a scattering of human coprolites, or fossil feces. The specimens preserved 14,000-year-old human protein and DNA, which the discoverers said was the strongest evidence yet of the earliest people living in North America." See also this Paisley Caves description from University of Oregon.


James Stripes said...

Analysis of the Pleistocene poop appears to add support to the emergent coastal migration hypothesis that slowly moves into the space vacated by the failure of the ice-free corridor theory.

Larry Cebula said...

The coastal migration hypothesis makes all the sense in the world, but is so hard to prove. If I understand correctly, most of the coastal migration evidence would be under the sea along the continental shelf--is that right?

And then there are those troublesome chickens: