Sunday, December 2, 2007

Spokane Public Library History Links

Creating a static website of history links is something of--well, let's not call it a fool's errand, let us just say that many folks have discovered that it is one thing to create a set of links and quite another to maintain it. URLs change or go dead, new resources supersede the old, and sometimes your links end up going places quite unexpected. (A friend published a book of state history for 5th graders with a short list of web resources at the end of each chapter. A frantic teacher called him a few months ago that one of his most recommended links now led to a porn site, as she had discovered in front of her students.)

At the same time a good set of links, maintained and kept current, can be extremely valuable. So I am pleased to see that the Spokane Public Library maintains this page: Spokane Public Library - Northwest History Room - History Links. There is some good stuff here, including oral histories of the Civil Rights struggle in Spokane collected by the Spokesman-Review, and World War I Soldiers Remembered.

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Spokane Public Library's website has been re-designed. Here is the new link to the same inforamtion -

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