Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Saturday Drive

Here are some photos from a drive south and east of Cheney that Bill and I made yesterday. Our initial goal was to find the Mullan Road marker that I vaguely remembered seeing some years ago. We were initially guided by this PDF map of Spokane County historic sites. The next step is to try and figure out how to present some of these pictures geographically on the web--as part of a Google Earth layer perhaps?


Anonymous said...

My name is John. I was looking for some history on Latah Creek and came apon your site. I live in Cheney but have never seen this what I think is a church. I know where mullin rd is but I've never seen this picture. Do you know the history on this picture if you do I'd like to read on it I love old places and love history.I have alittle history of my own. My great uncle was named John P Clum. I have three books on him there names are Apache Aagent,Apache Days&Tombstone Nights and The Life and Times of John P Clum. There is a web site on him. Thank you for your picture. John J Clum

Larry Cebula said...

Pleased to meet you, John. Do you know my historical partner in crime, Bill Youngs? He is a professor at EWU and an expert on the history of the Mullan Road. Perhaps he and I and you can get together the next time I am out that way.

The building is an old school house--you can see more pictures at . On the left-hand side of the page you will see a link labeled "view map" that will show you the exact location of each photo, including the school.